Catholic Sisters on the Frontlines of COVID-19

1,000 Sisters with $1,000 grants
helping the most vulnerable

Religious sisters are prophetic witnesses and voices of hope in our country and world. They are close to those who are in need and they are trusted by people of all walks of life.

That is why Sisters on the Frontlines was launched during the pandemic. This initiative, which operated from the summer of 2020 to spring 2021, met the exceptional goal of providing 1,000 Catholic sisters with $1,000 each. Each sister used the funds to help an individual or family suffering extremely adverse affects due to the pandemic.

Sister Saturnina Caccam Delivers To Family
Sister Saturnina Caccam delivers food to a grateful family in the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa

Those interested in continuing to support the ministry of Catholic sisters can donate to Catholic Extension, which works in solidarity with people in America’s poorest regions to build up vibrant and transformative Catholic faith communities.

Read the stories below to see how Catholic sisters used Frontlines funding to deliver essential care to those in greatest need.

Stories from the Frontlines

1,000 Catholic sisters with $1,000. Countless stories of compassion.

Here are just a few.

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  • “God didn’t forget me after all.”

    Mother’s faith moves Catholic sister delivering pandemic relief
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  • Religious Sister helps give a “hand up” to those struggling during the pandemic

    Funding provides essentials for those experiencing homelessness in Ohio
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  • Frontlines grant helps underserved children learn STEM skills during pandemic

    Catholic sister and college professor provides resources and lessons
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  • Catholic sister uses grant to help former student battling cancer

    A Thank You Note from a Sister on the Frontlines
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  • Sisters on the Frontlines grant funds school supplies and community garden in Mississippi

    Catholic Extension offers financial asistant to 150 lay leaders and catholic sisters attending catholic universities across the country.
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  • Frontlines funding helped serve hot meals during Southern winter storm

    Sisters on the Frontlines funding helps feed hungry families
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  • Remembering Beloved Catholic Sisters by Continuing their Mission

    New Fund Helps Those Impacted by COVID-19
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  • Catholic Sister Helps Native American Families Struggling With Food Insecurity

    Sister Rachel Sena travels across desert to assist families in the Tohono O’odham Nation
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  • Isolated in the pandemic, refugee families experience the Church’s generosity

    Catholic sister uses grant to uplift four families who escaped conflict in home countries
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  • Catholic sister helps Appalachian Women Gain Self-Confidence and a New Foothold on Life

    Nun helps carry heavy challenges facing women
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  • Nashville Dominican Sisters Guide Hispanic Families Through Pandemic Struggles

    Sisters on the Frontlines help families find relief and new opportunities
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  • Enduring grief with the support of Catholic sisters

    Three women who are enduring loss and hardship find relief in grants and care
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  • Grant funds life-saving rapid COVID-19 tests in San Antonio nursing home

    Gift from Sisters on the Frontlines saves the lives of elderly.
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  • Catholic Sister Gifts Ojibwe Students with Masks and Air Filters During COVID-19

    Northwest Minnesota community receives hand made masks, school air filters.
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  • How 1 Catholic sister used $1,000 to help 7 families in need during the pandemic

    Lexington Sister used grant funding to pay emergency bills for families.
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  • Keeping the Dream of Catholic Education Alive In American Samoa

    Sisters provide funding for tuition and uniforms to families in need
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  • Saving “Santa” Rita: Catholic sisters help provide medical supplies for disabled child

    Funding from Sisters on the Frontlines gives family room to breathe after insurance denial
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  • Thanksgiving thank yous from Sisters on the Frontlines

    Families share their gratitude for the sisters and the initiative
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  • Firewood warms Navajo hearts and homes in time for winter

    Catholic sisters deliver essential firewood to heat homes in Navajo Nation
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  • Inspiring quotes from quarantine: Catholic sisters give us hope

    Women religious from all corners of the US give relief and hope to families experiencing great hardship
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  • Catholic sister eases burden for mom of four battling cancer

    Family in San Antonio feels specially blessed
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  • Catholic sisters deliver bags of hope in pacific island

    Grant helps ease impact of unemployment due to COVID-19
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  • Supporting families of babies born sick during the pandemic

    Grants bring surprise support in uncertain times
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  • Five Nuns to the Rescue During COVID-19 Pandemic

    See 5 photos of Catholic sisters helping people in dire straits
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  • Fighting homelessness through creative generosity in SoCal

    Catholic sisters bring practical solutions to pandemic challenges
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  • Pandemic Prayers Answered for Mothers Struggling to Make Ends Meet

    Grants provide relief for struggling Native American families in Montana
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  • Living on the Edge: The Plight of the Yupiaq

    Catholic sisters battle food insecurity in an Alaskan fishing village
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  • Following in the footsteps of St. Teresa of Calcutta

    Sisters help the poorest diocese in the country deal with COVID-19
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  • A Compound Crisis for Those Living on the Margins

    The pandemic creates changing needs for a growing community
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  • Two Catholic sisters help children endure the pandemic in East St. Louis

    Children living in poverty face extra challenges during COVID-19
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  • Women Hold Families Together During COVID-19

    Read how Catholic Sisters are brining mercy to struggling families in Texas
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