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Where Does Your Parish Want to Make a Difference?

Do you want to help rebuild Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, still shattered after last year’s devastating hurricanes? Would you like to provide educational and spiritual support to Native American reservations? Or to impoverished communities in Appalachia or along the southern U.S. border with Mexico?

Through Catholic Extension’s Parish Partnership program it is easy for your parish to support one of these missions and dozens of others that are energizing communities and transforming lives.

Partnership — Powerful and Simple.

Dedicated to building vibrant faith communities right here in the U.S. since 1905, Catholic Extension’s strength comes from the power of fellow Catholics to help one another. Parish Partnership brings together our resources with parishes, schools and communities in an easy to implement and flexible program that can transform your collection into a life-changing gift in three simple steps.

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Three Steps to Partnership

  • 1

    Choose Your Mission Area of Interest

    • Funding youth centers, camps
      and education

    • Ministries and parishes in remote areas
      of Appalachia, Native American reservations and along the southern U.S. border with Mexico

    • Rebuilding efforts from hurricane

    • Building or repairing churches in disadvantaged communities

  • 2

    Let Us Help You Fundraise

    Once you have a sense of where and how you’d like to help fundraise, we’ll show you several projects from which to choose.
    Then we’ll structure your program, whether it’s a single Sunday, a Lenten appeal, or anything in between. Catholic Extension will provide the materials you need, such as:

  • 3

    Share the Transformation

    The appeal won’t end once you’ve made your gift. We’ll share updates, stories and photos. It’s a moving experience to see how much your gifts can do.

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