Prospect Research Training

The purpose of this initiative is to offer prospect research assistance and training, allowing development officers to be more strategic, maximize resources, and greatly increase fundraising effectiveness.

The Prospect Research Initiative is designed to balance both individual training and analysis for each diocese, along with national best practices education.  Catholic Extension will work with participants to provide individual and personalized review and research on each diocese’s own prospect database.  Dioceses will also participate in classroom training sessions and learn national best practices from industry experts and consultants.  Upon completion of the program, initiative participants will have continued access to Catholic Extension staff for implementation support, discounted access to data resources, and opportunities to engage with other diocese participants in the program. 

This initiative will open to a fourth cohort of new participants in 2019.

Duration: 12 months

Value to Participating Diocese: $13,250, estimated depending on size of diocesan database



Contact Rob Anderson, Senior Director of Mission, at 312.795.6095 or