Our Promise to You

For more than 100 years, Catholic Extension has relied on the support of our generous donors. We are walking together on a journey to build faith, inspire hope and ignite change as we strengthen the Catholic Church in poor Extension dioceses across America.

We are continually inspired by the trust you place in our stewardship. It is with deep gratitude and a commitment to our partnership that we offer the following promise to our donors:

At Catholic Extension, we PROMISE to:

  • Provide a clear description of how our funding process works, where your donations go, and our overall operational efficiency
  • Honor the designation of all donations
  • Provide continued updates on the progress of Catholic Extension-supported projects, and bring you the stories of those you’ve touched through videos, Extension magazine and the Catholic Extension website
  • Continue developing new ways to make your donations go further
  • Hold all Catholic Extension employees to the high standard of our donors, including our Executive Team and Board of Governors
  • Operate under the accountability of the National Catholic Development Conference
  • Adhere to the Association of Professional Fundraisers Code of Ethics and Donor Bill of Rights
  • Practice transparency in the reporting of donations and financial resources
  • Make our Catholic Extension Annual Report accessible to all donors