Catholic sister uses grant to help former student battling cancer

A Thank You Note from a Sister on the Frontlines

Dear Frontlines supporters, 

It was with great pleasure that I learned I’d received a grant from the Sisters on the Frontlines program. It is truly a blessing to be able to help someone who is in need and has nowhere else to get help. 

Through your generosity, I was able to help a former student of mine named Liz. She is now facing Stage 4 lung cancer which spread to several areas of her body. She is also the sole bread winner for her family. Her husband lost his job in their small town in Minnesota, where many businesses closed due to the pandemic. 

Liz started cancer treatments and the bills mounted. Soon she realized that she is unable to continue to work full-time. They were unable to pay their mortgage and other bills. Then they lost their home through foreclosure.

It is hard to see someone suffer from a debilitating disease and not be able to help them. It’s harder to see them deal with the stress of the financial responsibilities they cannot meet. 

As I prayed for ways to help, an email arrived about this grant opportunity. I believe God gave me this moment to help another who is truly struggling. 

Now we have, due to the Frontlines Alliance, the ability to relieve some of the financial stress for her.

When she received the surprise check in the mail she felt it was truly an answer to her prayers.”

She had worried about their finances, but now is able to pay some of the medical bills and utilities. She feels God is with her every step of the way and is providing for her.

We support her spiritually and continue to encourage her. Liz relies on our prayers and continual words of encouragement. I am drawn closer to the struggle of our Lord when I see how Liz is suffering. I am strengthened in the glory of the Resurrection knowing that God has allowed me to help carry the burden of another so much in need.

Following the advice of our foundress, St. Leonie Aviat: “Let us work for the happiness of others.” 

I have received the grace to be an instrument of help to a family that is struggling in this difficult time. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

Sr. Frances Carol, OSFS 
Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware

As the pandemic continues, so does the Sisters on the Frontlines initiative. Contributions to this program bring relief, joy and renewed faith to those among us who are so adversely affected.

Find out more about this program on the Sisters on the Frontlines webpage.

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