Catholic Gift Annuity Initiative

This initiative will provide your fundraisers the ability to offer charitable gift annuities to donors with no risks to the diocese.  Your donor will be able to indicate the Diocese, Parish or School they wish their remaining balance to benefit.  Catholic Extension has been issuing charitable gift annuities since 1912 and currently administers over 4000 contracts. With our experience and the administration in place we are in a unique position to assist you in meeting your donor’s wishes. We will provided standard marketing material and all paperwork required for establishing the gift annuity along with distributing payments, providing annual 1099R forms and terminating the annuity upon donor’s death.  At termination, 90% of the remaining balance will be sent to your diocese as directed by the donor.   

To participate in this program, all we need is for you to complete the Memorandum of Understanding-Catholic Gift Annuity and you can begin offering Catholic Gift Annuity to your donors.  


Memorandum of Understanding-Catholic Gift Annuity
Catholic Gift Annuity Overview

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