A Thanksgiving Thank You from Sisters on the Frontlines

This Thanksgiving season is unlike any other. In this time of great need, many people have stepped up to help one another as they face the challenges created by this pandemic. Catholic Extension has seen this compassionate effort from our donors, who have contributed greatly to our Sisters on the Frontlines initiative.

The program awards grants of $1,000 to Catholic sisters serving in some of the poorest areas across the country. In turn, the sisters help ease the burden for those who have lost their jobs and those already living in poverty.

This Thanksgiving, Catholic Sisters on the Frontlines and those they have served are incredibly thankful for the generosity and compassion shown by our donors. Below are notes of their appreciation.

Greetings from Idaho!

Sister RoseMary Boessen of the Sisters of Mercy has been able to help several individuals in need thanks to the Sisters on the Frontlines initiative.

Sister Boessen assists the local police with abuse cases. She utilized a portion of her grant to pay for a motel room for a victim identified as “Sarah.” This gave Sarah new shelter, and she is incredibly grateful:

Thank you for helping me in a time of need and desperation. I was lost and afraid of what would become of me. The past few days of stability have been the first in a long time.”

Sister Boessen also used the money to help a mother of twins pay her utility bills. She has known the family for six years, and was aware that the mother does not have a full-time job.

Sister Boessen is grateful to God and Catholic Extension and its donors for helping her serve those in need:

“God is so good to me and always finds ways for me to be His Presence among His people. You are in my prayers and praises of gratitude to God and His lovely Mother.”

Thank you from Kentucky

When Sister Clara Fehringer of the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville heard about Sisters on the Frontlines, she immediately applied for a grant.

After being awarded the gift, Sister Fehringer distributed the funds to seven families who needed assistance in paying for food, rent, utility bills and school supplies.

She distributed a portion of the grant to Maria and her son Jonathan, which Maria used to pay their utility bill and purchase school clothes and drumsticks for Jonathan. Jonathan sent Sister Fehringer a picture with his new clothes and drumsticks. When she told him thanks, he replied:

“No, thank you and the people who made it possible to help my mom.”

Sister Fehringer also came to the aid of Dinga, who had lost her job in the restaurant she worked at due to the pandemic. On top of that, Dinga was recently diagnosed with cancer. Sister Fehringer provided Dinga with gift certificates to purchase food and other household supplies for herself and her 15-year-old daughter.

Dinga with gift cards provided by Sister Fehringer and the Sisters on the Frontlines initiative to buy food and household supplies.

Sister Fehringer is thankful to have had the opportunity to help those in need. She is praying for those who made the opportunity possible:

I continue to pray for those who gave of their stewardship so that others might find a reason to hope. Truly, we are the Body of Christ.”

Grateful in Kansas

When Sister Jean Michael Treba of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration learned that she would be receiving a $1,000 grant, she used it to help four families that had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These families were suffering from unemployment, and needed assistance paying for unpaid medical bills, school items, food and additional necessities. One of the families had a child suffering from the virus.

Sister Treba was humbled to help and be thanked for her kindness:

Thank you for Sisters on the Frontlines and for all the work you do to rebuild the Kingdom of God in spreading God’s goodness. May God Bless you all.”

A family assisted by Sister Jean Michael Treba in the Diocese of Dodge City, thanks to the Sisters on the Frontline initiative.

We are so appreciative for your support this Thanksgiving. Thank you for helping Catholic Extension assist those in need during such a difficult and unprecedented holiday season. Catholic Extension, the Sisters on the Frontlines and those they have aided are deeply grateful for your generosity.

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