INSPIRE: Enduring COVID-19 through Catholic Solidarity

For over 100 years, Catholic Extension has helped Catholic communities practice their faith—no matter the circumstances. We invite you to join Catholic Extension in building solidarity between Catholics across the country during these unprecedented times.

INSPIRE your faith with a community of Catholics across the country

Join us for our Facebook concert series. The perfomances benefit and recognize poor faith communities who, already struggling for daily survival, have been thrown into further turmoil because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Read inspiring stories that show how Catholics are coming together to help. Check in on this page for frequent updates and new stories.

Pastor with no salary cares for his poor and jobless parishioners

This pandemic calls for new ways to serve a large mission territory

COVID-19 Anxiety Grows Amid Immigrants Traumatized by Raids

Pandemic has Revealed The Strength of the “Domestic Church”

5 Photos of Holy Week in mission America during COVID-19

Quarantined with 12 Little Ones? Group Home for Abused Children Celebrates Holy Week

Last Christmas their church burned down. This Easter they are prohibited from gathering. 

Our Catholic parishes are missing us while we are away

The Catholic Maronites, whose poor faith communities are among supported by Catholic Extension, want everyone to know that they are keeping the church pews warm during this time of social distancing. In order to keep in mind all the parishioners who are normally there and hopefully watching online, the priest printed out their photos and put them in the pews for him to see while he was saying Mass.

El Paso faith community mobilizes to help home-bound elderly survive and endure

Here’s how one parish is blessing its parishioners in times of social distancing

In moments of crisis, you can count on sisters.

No Mass means no money: a sister tries to keep her parish financially afloat amid COVID-19

Watch uplifting videos
Watch stories of transformation in faith communities on the margins of society, hosted by Father Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension. 

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For Catholics in poor communities across the country, our donors are their only lifeline. There is no group of philanthropic donors nearby to them or in a neighboring parish to come to their aid. Poor faith communities need your help—now more than ever.

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