Be inspired by this series of stories that demonstrates the good works of the Catholic Church in the United States and the hope that they bring to the future of the Church. Meet faith-filled people and learn about their unique ministries. See how Catholic Extension builds foundations of faith across America by transforming lives and communities. Father Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension is your host.

The Feminine Genius 

Join us as we honor women who play vital roles in the Church and bring wisdom, grace, and steady leadership to the faith.

Mission Immersion for Pastors

In 2018, Catholic Extension launched an initiative inviting priests from urban/suburban parishes to visit faith communities in poorer mission dioceses across the U.S.

Funded by a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., this program sends pastors out to mission areas for two to three days.

Mission immersion experiences like this will broaden the horizons of Catholic pastors, give their ministry new life, and uplift the visited pastors who serve in the peripheries.


Faith in the Face of Disaster

Catholic Extension helps the Church respond to the people and parishes of Beaumont, Texas, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands after the devastating 2017 hurricanes. Meet the parishioners, priests, and bishops from storm-ravaged dioceses to discover how the Church responds to both the initial disaster and the long-term spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in the poorest areas of the United States.



The Light of Christ 

Meet inspiring priests, sisters and laypeople who show how the power of faith can transform lives and communities. From a farmworker parish in California to a home for abused children in Puerto Rico, from a colonia at the border to Mexico to a rural parish in Georgia, recipients and finalists of Catholic Extension’s “Lumen Christi Award” share how they are making a difference.

The Church at the Border

Journey with us to the U.S.-Mexico border to meet vibrant Catholic communities that are living the Gospel in challenging circumstances. Visit parishes, shelters, a group of sisters and other Catholics who are “welcoming the stranger."

Missionary Disciples

This episode profiles Catholic leaders who are faithfully devoting their minds, hearts and lives to being missionary disciples in the poorest parts of the United States. Meet religious sisters, seminarians and a lay leader who are following God's call to help others grow in faith.

The Spirit of Francis 

This episode shows how three great faith leaders named Francis — St. Francis, Pope Francis, and Father Francis Clement Kelley —are inviting us to “recognize the face of Christ in the poor.” Stories highlight a Catholic community in rural Arkansas and Pope Francis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Works of Mercy 

Stories that highlight the Church’s corporal and spiritual works of mercy. Featured ministries include visiting the imprisoned in Louisiana and feeding and clothing the poor in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ, and bishops from mission dioceses reflect on the topic of mercy.

Celebrating Women Leaders in the Church

Stories of women building and serving Catholic communities throughout the U.S. This episode features lay women and women religious in many different Catholic ministries- ranging from outreach to the poor to sheltering neglected children, teaching, youth ministry and Native American ministry.

Good Shepherds featuring Bishop Kicanas from the Diocese of Tucson 

The Lord hears the cry of the poor — and so do these priests, who go and serve where they are needed the most. Come along with these pastors and see how, by building faith, they are transforming people’s lives and their whole communities.

The Millennial Church featuring Fr. Joshua Johnson, Lafayette's Rapping Priest

Episode five explores the presence of the Millennial generation in the Catholic Church. Meet young leaders--both lay and religious--who are inspiring their peers to a greater involvement in Church activities and ministries. These Millennials represent the future of the Church, but they are also having a major impact on the Catholic Church right now.

Stories of Inspiring People in our Church featuring Bishop George Thomas from the diocese of Helena, Montana

Episode four tell the stories of truly inspiring people in our Church. It highlights women religious, U.S. Military Chaplains, and Bishop George Thomas of the mission diocese in Helena, Montana.

The Church Reaching Out featuring Fr. Dave Dwyer, founder of Busted Halo 

Episode three of Catholic Extension focuses on the extraordinary people, supported by Catholic Extension, who are following Pope Francis’ call to reach out to spread the Good News, and the special and unique ways in which they serve. See inspired faith in action, meet dedicated people, experience the challenges they face and see how the Church is opening its doors, welcoming people, and building faith communities.

Humanity and Compassion of the Catholic Church featuring Fr. Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries- a gang intervention program 

Episode two of Catholic Extension looks at the remarkable gifts we receive when we experience the profound, God-given humanity in others, our common humanity that we share with: Seasonal Farm Workers, at-risk youth, and even gang members seeking to return to life and to society. We’re taking you to meet some of these people, to experience the challenges they face and to see how the Church is a beacon of hope, offering them alternatives, so that they can see they are much, much more than their circumstances.

Our Story and Joy of Consecrated Life featuring Fr. Robert Barron on the importance of supporting seminarians 

In the debut episode, Catholic Extension president Fr. Jack Wall takes you through mission territory in our own country, and to the origins of the 110-year-old national fundraising organization that has built 12,000 church buildings across the United States. Father Robert Barron shares his experience of training priests to serve in Catholic communities where faith abounds, but financial resources do not.

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