<p><strong>Texas Parish Thrives with Resident Pastor</strong> - During World War II, members of the Catholic community in Van Horn, Texas, made a promise to one another. If all of their sons returned home safely, they would build a new church to honor Our Lady of Fatima. More than 60 years later, Our Lady of Fatima stands as a reminder...</p>
<p><strong>The Diocese of Salt Lake City makes great strides in Hispanic ministry</strong>&nbsp;- In Utah&rsquo;s high desert country, Catholics are in the minority.&nbsp; Yet in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, which covers the entire state, the church is growing.</p>
<p><strong>Scarce resources cannot quell the hope of small, rural faith community.&nbsp;</strong>The spirited parishioners of San Juan Diego Mission in Stilwell, Oklahoma, gather each week in a simple storefront.&nbsp; The front portion of this rented space serves as their &ldquo;church&quot;...</p>