Stories of Faith

People are at the heart of Catholic Extension's mission. While we provide the resources to meet the needs of our mission dioceses, it is Spirit-led Catholics in these areas who are unleashing the power of faith in their communities. Our team members travel across the country to meet these Catholics, whose lives and hearts have been touched by Catholic Extension support. They share with us the stories of their challenges and their successes first hand, and their abundant faith serves as an inspiring reminder of our work and our mission. When you give a gift, you become an integral part of these stories. Read on to discover the specific ways our donors are building faith, inspiring hope and igniting change in faith communities from Alaska to Virginia and discover the many ways that you, too, can make an impact.

Texas Parish Thrives with Resident Pastor - During World War II, members of the Catholic community in Van Horn, Texas, made a promise to one another. If all of their sons returned home safely, they would build a new church to honor Our Lady of Fatima. More than 60 years later, Our Lady of Fatima stands as a reminder...

After 20 years of gifts for seminarian education, Virginia and Richard Miles see a bright future. - Twenty-six years ago, Virginia Miles was volunteering at a historic parish in downtown Pittsburgh when she stumbled upon her first copy of Extension magazine. “I read through it,” she said, “and realized the need to help seminarians, so that’s how I got started.”

More Men Seek Military Vocations - The work of Catholic chaplains in the U.S. military is far from easy, but it’s vital, especially to the more than 250,000 Catholics who are on active duty. Many are young, away from home and in difficult situations, especially if they’re serving in combat zones...

Three decades ago, Catholic Extension helped Afton’s Catholic community build Holy Family Catholic Church. Today, it’s thriving. - The Catholics sprinkled across Star Valley in west central Wyoming have always stoically accepted one fact of their faith life: getting to Mass during the long winter months is treacherous business.


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