Memoirs of the Alaskan Clergy from 12,000 Feet - “How was your weekend?” may be a typical comment you hear around the water cooler in offices nationwide. Imagine our surprise when we asked the same question to Father Scott Garrett of Sacred Heart Parish in Wasilla, Alaska...

Scarce resources cannot quell the hope of small, rural faith community. The spirited parishioners of San Juan Diego Mission in Stilwell, Oklahoma, gather each week in a simple storefront.  The front portion of this rented space serves as their “church"...

A young mission diocese is on its way to becoming self-sustaining - The Diocese of Tyler in east Texas is one of the smallest dioceses in the United States in terms of population—only about 4% of the area is Catholic. But in recent years, it has boasted some of the largest diaconate classes in the country. It also is one of the most successful dioceses in terms of recruiting seminarians...

The lessons and fellowship formed during a week-long stay at Legendary Lodge have a lasting impact - Nestled in the Rocky Mountains on the edge of Salmon Lake, a spirited game is unfolding throughout the rustic campgrounds of Legendary Lodge. Teenagers in costume are trying to guess which virtue or vice the other represents...

The Stella Maris Seafarers’ Center offers the steady hand of the Catholic Church to those who spend their days on the water - Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a busy shipping port, with tankers and transport ships loading and unloading all types of cargo around the clock. In the midst of the daily imports and exports, the port seems an unlikely place for the Catholic Church to be present. But for thousands who travel by sea year round, the church is there to greet them..

There are very few accidental Catholics in Utah,” says Bishop John Wester. You have to work hard to be a Catholic in Utah. The Diocese of Salt Lake City covers the entire state. Catholics are in the minority, and their faith communities are spread across vast distances - but despite this, the Catholic population is growing rapidly...

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