Stories of Faith

People are at the heart of Catholic Extension's mission. While we provide the resources to meet the needs of our mission dioceses, it is Spirit-led Catholics in these areas who are unleashing the power of faith in their communities. Our team members travel across the country to meet these Catholics, whose lives and hearts have been touched by Catholic Extension support. They share with us the stories of their challenges and their successes first hand, and their abundant faith serves as an inspiring reminder of our work and our mission. When you give a gift, you become an integral part of these stories. Read on to discover the specific ways our donors are building faith, inspiring hope and igniting change in faith communities from Alaska to Virginia and discover the many ways that you, too, can make an impact.

Each year, Catholics in the Diocese of Stockton celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe by parading through the streets. - It's a centuries-old story close to the hearts of Hispanic Catholics: in 1531, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego, an Aztec Indian.

Sister Nancy Crafton hears and meets the needs of Colorado’s migrant workers - Recently, the Catholic Extension team visited El Centro de Los Pobres (meaning, “The Center for the Poor”), in the small town of Avondale, Colorado. For 29 years, Los Pobres has been the only charitable facility serving...

A thriving prison ministry provides a Catholic presence for long-term inmates. - Frank is not your typical Catholic. He is serving a life sentence at Clements Unit, a prison in Amarillo, Texas. Despite his separation from the rest of the world, Frank does not feel alone. He and approximately 1,500 inmates across seven prisons in the Diocese of Amarillo are ministered to by a team of five priests, eight deacons and eighteen lay volunteers who spend their time bringing the "outside" Church to the "inside."


Celebrate a new springtime for the Catholic Church in America - There is exciting news in our country’s mission dioceses. At a time when most Catholics think that the priest shortage has reached near-epidemic proportions, mission dioceses have actually seen increased seminarian enrollment—by approximately 10 percent over the past 10 years...  

Young and energetic campus ministry leaders are creating vibrant faith communities at colleges across our country - On June 20, 2012, campus ministry teams from colleges and universities across the United States arrived at the University of Missouri prepared for four days of idea sharing, fellowship and faith as part of the Campus Ministry Leadership Institute (CMLI). 


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