Stories of Faith

People are at the heart of Catholic Extension's mission. While we provide the resources to meet the needs of our mission dioceses, it is Spirit-led Catholics in these areas who are unleashing the power of faith in their communities. Our team members travel across the country to meet these Catholics, whose lives and hearts have been touched by Catholic Extension support. They share with us the stories of their challenges and their successes first hand, and their abundant faith serves as an inspiring reminder of our work and our mission. When you give a gift, you become an integral part of these stories. Read on to discover the specific ways our donors are building faith, inspiring hope and igniting change in faith communities from Alaska to Virginia and discover the many ways that you, too, can make an impact.

The Diocese of Salt Lake City makes great strides in Hispanic ministry - In Utah’s high desert country, Catholics are in the minority.  Yet in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, which covers the entire state, the church is growing.

The Stella Maris Seafarers’ Center offers the steady hand of the Catholic Church to those who spend their days on the water - Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a busy shipping port, with tankers and transport ships loading and unloading all types of cargo around the clock. In the midst of the daily imports and exports, the port seems an unlikely place for the Catholic Church to be present. But for thousands who travel by sea year round, the church is there to greet them..

Healthy Marriages, Healthy Families in the Diocese of Fajardo-Humacao, Puerto Rico -With the divorce rate on the island of Puerto Rico hovering near 60 percent and more and more young people rushing in and out of relationships, Carlos Torrado knew something had to be done.

Scarce resources cannot quell the hope of small, rural faith community. The spirited parishioners of San Juan Diego Mission in Stilwell, Oklahoma, gather each week in a simple storefront.  The front portion of this rented space serves as their “church"...

For two sisters, and more than 12,000 people in Benton Harbor, the Catholic Community Center throws open the doors to Christ’s love - Not so very long ago, Benton Harbor was the place to be in western Michigan. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, the town bustled with manufacturing, commerce and culture. But like so many other communities...


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