Stories of Faith

Celebrate a new springtime for the Catholic Church in America - There is exciting news in our country’s mission dioceses. At a time when most Catholics think that the priest shortage has reached near-epidemic proportions, mission dioceses have actually seen increased seminarian enrollment—by approximately 10 percent over the past 10 years...

The Diocese of Salt Lake City makes great strides in Hispanic ministry - In Utah’s high desert country, Catholics are in the minority.  Yet in the Diocese of Salt Lake City, which covers the entire state, the church is growing.

A Sister’s ministry brings hope to migrant workers and their families. - Just minutes away from the prosperous California coast, Salinas Valley is a whole different landscape. Nicknamed “America’s Salad Bowl,” the fertile soil of this famous valley produces bountiful harvests of lettuce, spinach, strawberries and more, all destined for dinner tables across the nation.

Three decades ago, Catholic Extension helped Afton’s Catholic community build Holy Family Catholic Church. Today, it’s thriving. - The Catholics sprinkled across Star Valley in west central Wyoming have always stoically accepted one fact of their faith life: getting to Mass during the long winter months is treacherous business.