For over 100 years, Catholic Extension has helped Catholic communities practice their faith—no matter the circumstances. We invite you to join Catholic Extension in building solidarity between Catholics across the country during these unprecedented times.

For Catholics in poor communities across the country, our donors are their only lifeline. There is no group of philanthropic donors nearby to them or in a neighboring parish to come to their aid. They are struggling for survival. By giving what you are able, you can help a poor parish continue their ministry through the COVID-19 Virtual Collection Basket.

GIVE to our virtual collection basket to support those hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis

This crisis is hard on all of us, but especially the poor and vulnerable who look to their faith community for support. With parishioners unable to attend Mass, Sunday collection disappears, leaving these communities with tremendous need and no resources.

Here’s just one example of a parish experiencing the financial strain.

You can cover the weekly collection of a parish in need. Please GIVE to our COVID-19 virtual collection basket.

Virtual collection basket