When you purchase or sponsor Catholic Extension calendars, you become a partner in our 115 -year-old mission to support the Catholic Church in the United States. For decades, proceeds from our calendars have provided critically-needed funding to improve the faith lives of Catholics in almost every diocese.

Catholic Extension supports millions of Catholics in Extension dioceses who, even before challenges caused by COVID-19, were already struggling to survive, economically and spiritually. 

Proceeds from your calendar purchase will fund seminarian education and subsidize the salaries of priests, women religious and other leaders who have dedicated their lives to serving the Church. They enhance ministries that offer faith formation and social outreach to communities in need and support the construction of church buildings that serve as thriving spiritual centers. Together, we’re creating vibrant, self-sustaining faith communities that will strengthen the Church across America.

Catholic Extension is the only producer of Catholic calendars that gives 100% of proceeds to fund grants that benefit poor mission dioceses where faith is thriving but the resources are scarce. Our collection offers rich, gorgeous photography and artwork some of which is captured in these very faith communities and includes the full 2022 Catholic liturgical calendar.

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Please consider selecting from our Calendar Collection if you:

  • Are a company and would like your messaging to reach Catholics attending Mass at your local parish(es)
  • Are a parish in the United States that distributes calendars to parishioners
  • Would like to join Catholic Extension in our mission to support the growth and vibrancy of the Catholic Church in our country

For more information, please contact Ray Totaro at 239-789-4778 or rtotaro@catholicextension.org or fill out the form below.

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