Read a letter from an 8-year-old who was separated from his mother by ICE detention.

This letter to our donors was written by an 8-year-old boy named Jonathan in Mississippi. He was separated from his mother for several months after she was detained in the largest ICE raids in U.S. history. Our Holy Family Fund helped his parish provide support for his family.

Let me say that I am grateful for all of the help you are giving to our families, because so many people are in need who have been deeply affected by everything that is happening here.

There are many destroyed families, children who are suffering, waiting to see their dad or their mom who are still in detention. We ask you to keep helping people who still have family members in detention.

Please do not abandon us. Because we the children are the ones who are suffering the most after August 7th.  Many days have passed and the children still have hope to see their mother or their father come back home. We are very grateful for all that you are doing for us and for the help that you gave to my mom.


The Holy Family Fund is a relief program to assist low-income families in the U.S. who are financially dependent on a parent that has been detained or deported for immigration reasons. It provides funds and supportive services to U.S.-dwelling children and spouses who experience extreme economic insecurity and profound trauma in the wake of abrupt family separations.

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