2018 International Catholic Stewardship Council Conference

October 28-31, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee

Catholic Extension is accepting applications for a scholarship for one diocesan-level representative to attend the 2018 International Catholic Stewardship Council Conference, scheduled for October 28-31 in Nashville, Tennessee.

This scholarship is intended for a maximum of one attendee per diocese, who is a diocesan-level representative, and will only be considered if your diocese would not otherwise be able to have any attendee at the conference.  Scholarships will be considered at either full (airfare, hotel, and conference registration) or partial (conference registration and/or hotel), with greater consideration given to applications requesting only partial sponsorship.  Meals and any other costs associated with attending this event are the responsibility of the diocese and not covered by Catholic Extension.  Please review the steps below to understand the updated process for this year before applying.

Catholic Extension will also once again be hosting a special reception for Mission Diocese attendees at the conference, and RSVP information for the reception will be sent in an upcoming issue of the Catholic Extension Bulletin. Full conference information and a downloadable registration form for this year's conference can be found online linked here.

The application deadline for a scholarship to the 2018 ICSC is Tuesday, July 31.


Steps and timelines for the 2018 ICSC scholarship process:


  1. Confirm that you are the only attendee from your diocese for the 2018 ICSC, and that you will need Catholic Extension's scholarship assistance to be able to attend.
  2. Register for the 2018 ICSC by Tuesday, July 31, by clicking here and selecting the "Early Bird Member Discount" rate of $529.  Your scholarship application (step 6) does not automatically register you for the conference, you must do this separately with ICSC.
  3. Reserve your accommodations at the Gaylord Opryland Resort by clicking here.
  4. Book your flight to the conference.  Catholic Extension requests that air travel is purchased at the most cost-effective option available and does not reimburse for additional baggage fees, upgrades, or additional family member's travel.  If you need to travel by any other method than purchasing a flight, please contact us before submitting your application to receive advance approval.  If you are driving to the conference instead of flying, Catholic Extension will reimburse the trip at the IRS standard rate of 14 cents per mile for charitable organizations.
  5. Download and complete the 2018 ICSC Scholarship Calculation form by filling in the three highlighted boxes using the information from steps 2-4 above.
  6. Once all the above steps have been completed, fill out the Online Funding Request form by the deadline of Tuesday, July 31.  Your scholarship calculation form and flight receipt must be attached to your funding request (on the final page) in order to receive reimbursement. Catholic Extension will only provide reimbursement on confirmed and receipted costs, and not any estimates.


Please remember that all scholarship applications must be completed and submitted by no later than July 31 in order to take advantage of the early registration rate from ICSC and sponsorship from Catholic Extension. Contact mission@catholicextension.org with any questions.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!