Blue tarp used as temporary roof in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Monthly Column
Catholic Extension supports dioceses long after hurricanes hit, when long-term recovery assistance is still needed.
Over Christmas, hundreds of people, who entered the United States through legal channels, were transported to the middle of the city and released to fend for themselves—exhausted, hungry, penniless, homeless and without support.
A visit to the Diocese of Gallup reveals how traditional practices and Catholic worship grew side-by-side in native communities, including the Acoma people.
Father Jack Wall with migrants
Catholic Extension calls for support from donors around the country as the  humanitarian needs of migrants escalate at the U.S.-Mexico border
New York donor Mario Paredes helps to develop Hispanic leaders in the Church.
Monthly Column
Catholic Extension has partnered with Loyola University Chicago to offer a Restorative Justice Ministry certificate program.
A Letter From Our President
A letter from Fr. Jack Wall