<p><strong>Memoirs of the Alaskan Clergy from 12,000 Feet</strong><em> - </em>&ldquo;How was your weekend?&rdquo; may be a typical comment you hear around the water cooler in offices nationwide. Imagine our surprise when we asked the same question to Father Scott Garrett of Sacred Heart Parish in Wasilla, Alaska...</p>
<p><strong>How mission dioceses in Puerto Rico are tireless in their commitment to serve.</strong> -&nbsp;The Caribbean islands trigger imagery of people without a care in the world, spending their days on hammocks between palm trees and sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas.&nbsp; But for the people that call Puerto Rico home, life is far more than just a day at the beach.</p>
Religious sisters in Perris, California go door-to-door inviting people to hear the good news of the Catholic Church