<p><strong>Celebrate a new springtime for the Catholic Church in America</strong> - There is exciting news in our country&rsquo;s mission dioceses. At a time when most Catholics think that the priest shortage has reached near-epidemic proportions, mission dioceses have actually seen increased seminarian enrollment&mdash;by approximately 10 percent over the past 10 years...<br /> &nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>Three decades ago, Catholic Extension helped Afton&rsquo;s Catholic community build Holy Family Catholic Church. Today, it&rsquo;s thriving.</strong>&nbsp;- The Catholics sprinkled across Star Valley in west central Wyoming have always stoically accepted one fact of their faith life: getting to Mass during the long winter months is treacherous business.</p>
Catholic Extension was officially organized by Father Francis Kelley on October 18, 1905. Read more about the history of our organization.