Catholic Extension's Mission Statement

Catholic Extension is a national fundraising organization committed to supporting and strengthening poor mission dioceses across the United States. We provide funding and resources to dioceses and parishes through programs and services investing in people, infrastructure and ministries. This support is given based on need, passion and commitment to the growth of the Catholic faith.

Catholic Extension uniquely contributes to the growth and vibrancy of the Church in the U.S. by strategically investing in poor mission dioceses to unleash the power of faith that transforms hearts, lives and society.

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Donor gifts help develop future leaders of the Church
Donor gifts help develop future leaders of the Church.

Catholic Extension was founded in 1905 and established by Pope Pius X as a "papal society" in 1910 with a mission to build churches in America's most rural regions. More than 100 years later, we remain committed to strengthening and supporting the Catholic Church across the United States.

In poor mission dioceses throughout our country, there are more than 15 million Catholics who are on fire for their faith and committed to building up vibrant parish communities. In these areas, the faith is thriving but the resources are scarce. Catholic churches are exceeding capacity during Sunday Mass; communities without access to a church building are using empty storefronts and warehouses as places to gather; and pastoral and lay leaders are traveling hundreds of miles a week to offer faith formation, lead youth ministries, and provide social outreach to numerous parishes throughout their dioceses.

Catholic Extension supports the recruitment and education of seminarians for military chaplaincy

It is with a strong commitment to our legacy that Catholic Extension invests in these faith communities, ensuring that Catholics across the country can experience the fullness of Church life. We fund church construction projects in places where old buildings are inefficient or can no longer sustain the capacity of their communities. We support Catholic leaders of all ages so that they can increase their impact for the people they serve. We fund Catholic ministries and programs that engage Catholics in dynamic faith formation, fostering communities full of active parishioners. Together with our generous donors, we are celebrating the mission of the people who do God's work in their communities.

Since our founding, we have distributed more than $550 million to poor Catholic dioceses right here in our own country. With continued donor support, our efforts building faith, inspiring hope and igniting change across our great land.

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