Sister Says: 5 Quotes from Catholic Sisters to Inspire Your Day

Travel to the poorest places in the United States and you will always find the transformational presence of the Catholic Church. It there, on the edges of society—among the isolated and the ailing, that you will also often find women religious as the face of the Church.

The resilient and resourceful work of Catholic sisters continues to shine in the darkest of circumstances. Always, but especially during this Catholic Sisters Week, we are grateful for their service. We are inspired by their faith. 

Here are five quotes from Catholic sisters who have been supported by our donor community. 

“May we be transformed to be agents of mercy, seeking to protect, defend, and uphold the dignity of all people.”

Sr. Norma Pimentel 
The “Mother Teresa of South Texas” 
welcomes the vulnerable with compassion 

Learn about Sister Yelitza’s transformational work bringing families together through faith.

“I am a vessel for God’s love”

Sister Princess Mary Dawson
The Catholic sister tirelessly tackling poverty one loaf of bread at a time in Alabama

This missionary sister has never let fear stop her from helping others.

“Everybody needs family, and in our Church, everybody is family. We are God’s family.”

Sister Brenda Hernández Valdez
A Mexican sister who helped Hispanic Catholics create community in North Dakota 

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