Bishop Zaidan shares Lebanese Catholic perspective on Beirut explosion

The tragedy in Beirut, in which a massive explosion destroyed the port and killed at least 137 people, has brought great pain to Lebanese Americans.

The Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon is a Maronite Catholic diocese that serves many Lebanese Catholic families in the western United States. Catholic Extension has supported the eparchy since 1998, supporting many parishes, church leaders and church construction.

We spoke with the bishop of the eparchy, Bishop A. Elias Zaidan, who was born in Lebanon, to express our utmost condolences and hear about how the U.S. eparchy has responded. He kindly offered an in-depth perspective on the importance of a Christian presence in the country of Lebanon.

Image Above is from Mehr News Agency, Damages after 2020 Beirut explosions 1CC BY 4.0

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