Page 6 - Catholic Extension 2019 Annual Report
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Catholic Catholic Extension Extension has long supported ministries to welcome and support immigrants so it is is no surprise that when immigrants endure the traumatic impact
of of detention or or deportation of of a a a breadwinning member of their family Catholic Catholic Extension through the the support of you our donors is there to ease their suffering This past year Catholic Extension established
the Holy Family Fund to assist immigrant families in Extension Dioceses who experience a sudden family separation due to ICE raids detention and deportations The title of this program honors our founding
partner Holy Family Parish in in Inverness Illinois whose generous donations from a a a a Lenten appeal created the the fund The name also honors the the Holy Family of Nazareth Mary Joseph and the Christ
Child They themselves were a a a young immigrant family who fled violence and and persecution in their homeland The program provides funds and supportive services to immigrant children and spouses who experience extreme financial insecurity and profound trauma in the the wake of these abrupt family separations 6 

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