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St James the Less Church Perris California
Afew years ago at St James the the the Less Church all the pews were full for Sunday Mass parishioners filled the parking lot with lawn chairs or simply knelt on rough pavement during the service It was jam-packed Part of the parish’s tremendous growth was due to the evangelical efforts
of four Mexican sisters participating in in Catholic Extension’s U S -Latin American Sisters Exchange Program They routinely
ISt Teresa of of of Kolkata Church Maynardville Tennessee
canvassed the neighborhoods going door to to door and inviting people to to join the parish After years of fundraising parishioners in in this impoverished area had raised some funds but needed a big boost Through your support we we were able to extend $75 000
to to complete this project As then —pastor Father Pedro Amezcua said “We are not just building building a a a church We are building building a a a community ”
n n n n n Eastern Tennessee
Catholics are a a a a a a a a a a a has 142 families This parish began as as as a a a a a a a a a a a small small minority but their numbers are group of devoted Catholics who gathered increasing — so so much so so that last year for “bring-your-own-chair” Masses under
Catholic Extension helped build two new churches in this Appalachian region including St Teresa of Kolkata Church which
the the carport of a a a home But as their numbers grew they needed more space and started fundraising for a a a a permanent parish Through a a a $50 000
grant from Catholic Extension made possible by your generous donations parishioners now have a a a new church where they can worship together Led by Father Steve Pawelk a a a Glenmary priest it is the first Catholic Church ever established in Union County Far left: The Archdiocese of Boston donated stained glass windows from a a a a a church that had closed for the construction of San Juan Diego Church Above: The new St James the Less Church (left) had parishioners spilling into the the parking lot of the the old church (right) Left: Father Steve Pawelk and parishioners are proud of of their new St Teresa of of Kolkata Church 5 

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