Page 8 - Catholic Extension 2019 Annual Report
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Center: In Centro Católica San Martin Father Jack Wall blesses community members of Morton Mississippi after hearing how they were affected by the sudden ICE raids Clockwise from top right:
In rural Tennessee Mass is held in a a a converted barn that is fondly called “the manager ” With
the the help of your support the the Glenmary Home Missioners built two new churches in the Diocese of Knoxville last year James Wallace from the Diocese of Juneau studies with his classmates at at Mundelein Seminary in in in in Mundelein Illinois James is is one of 400 seminarians who receives support from Catholic Extension Sisters Sisters from the U S S S -Latin American Sisters Sisters Exchange Program celebrate Mass at at the Immaculate Conception Church in San Antonio Texas upon completing their service to Hispanic communities in the U S Migrant children find joy fin in each other at the the El Paso Diocesan Migrant Center after long journeys across the border Catholic Extension has supported this community through the Family Reunification Fund established in 2018 St Peter the Apostle Church in Pascagoula Mississippi received a a Catholic Extension grant to help rebuild this church It was dedicated in March 2019 A father prays with his daughter at at Centro Católica San Martin in in Morton Mississippi after hundreds of immigrants were detained Building Churches Developing Leaders Engaging Youth

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