Page 3 - Catholic Extension 2019 Annual Report
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Dear Friends Your selfless support of our our mission and your abundant generosity in 2019 eased suffering brought hope and spurred transformation among some of the poorest faith communities across our country From the depths of my heart thank you We are grateful to you you because you you have deliberately chosen to generously work in solidarity with these good people who are living on the margins of our society Every day they wake up to face immense hardships but they are faith-filled people who gather together in in caring communities grounded
in in in the hope that God is doing something beautiful in their lives It is is is precisely in these very impoverished places that you also are present Through your commitment to Catholic Extension you you are building a a a a a a bridge to spiritual and financial resources to navigate our our brothers and sisters in faith through the tough times to to create a a a brighter future for themselves and their children It is in these poor but vibrant Catholic faith communities that we witness the mystery and power of God’s love unfold It is also where we come to understand our own capacity to to love and to to become God’s mutual blessing to one another This past year you have helped us build up hundreds of Catholic faith communities In this report we highlight leaders who are guiding these communities churches that are being built to accommodate their growth and our Holy Family Fund that addresses a a a a a very specific need among poor immigrant communities who are truly suffering We are so grateful for your enduring support of our mission You are making it all possible Together we are doing God’s work in in our own land and and within America’s neediest communities Yours in Christ Reverend John J J Wall President Catholic Extension Above: At the Mexican American Catholic College in San Antonio Texas Father Jack Wall meets with sisters in in our U S S -Latin American Sisters Exchange Program who will begin their five years of service to Hispanic communities around the country 

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