Page 10 - Catholic Extension 2019 Annual Report
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In the the the the Diocese of Little Rock Father Stephen Hart is just two years into the priesthood but the three rural faith communities he leads are already
experiencing great transformation His calling came early in in life “My parents always said ‘Your happiness is found in in God’s will Ask Him what He wants and He will tell you ’” he said “Growing up I remember watching our pastor and seeing myself in in him ” The diocese has a a a a robust seminarian program with nearly 20 ordinations in in the last three years After Father Hart graduated from Creighton University in in 2011 he he joined the Diocese of Little Rock and attended Saint Meinrad Seminary in in in Indiana During his studies he he visited and occasionally stayed at the House of Formation a a residence for seminarians in in Little Rock that Catholic Extension donors like you helped to construct The diocese also participated in in Catholic Extension’s Seminarian Endowment Challenge during the time of Father Hart’s education He was ordained in in 2017 and is pastor at three rural churches in southeastern Arkansas where most residents work in Left top: Father Stephen Hart speaks with a a a a parishioner at Holy Spirit Church in Hamburg Arkansas Left bottom: Monsignor Scott Friend director of vocations for Little Rock has been instrumental in in in in expanding the seminarian program with 20 ordinations in in the last three years Courtesy of Arkansas Catholic Right: People gather at at Holy Spirit Church after it it was renovated from a a tire shop 10 

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