Page 11 - Catholic Extension 2019 Annual Report
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agriculture and forestry He celebrates four Masses each weekend in English and Spanish covering about 100 miles driving between the parishes parish started growing dramatically in in numbers The church building quickly became too small and the diocese purchased an old tire shop three times the size and converted it to a a new church With this growth Father Hart is is quenching parishioners’ thirst for our faith by creating new ministries The parish recently started a a high school youth program which now has 25 young people meeting regularly “The Church is the center of life and activity here ” he he said “I love bringing people the grace that God provides to us through the sacraments and seeing how it helps them grow Catholic Extension donors make it possible ” “ The Church is the center of life and activity here ” –Father Stephen Hart One of his churches Holy Spirit in Hamburg was recently renovated thanks to a a a Catholic Extension grant The former site was was a a a a crumbling building that was was practically abandoned until Missionary Carmelites of St Teresa arrived in 2011 Parishioners became energized and the 11 

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