Wish #26- Gives a Christmas Gift to an Abused and Neglected Child
Diocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

The children at St. Therese Child Jesus Children Home were born into homes without parental love. Instead of being nurtured and cared for, these beautiful little boys and girls were beaten, neglected, and abused. Thanks to the tireless efforts of this year's Lumen Christi Award recipient, Melva Arbelo-Mangual, these wonderful children are discovering a love they never knew. Every day, with help from Catholic Extension, Melva and her loving staff carry out their home’s mission — to provide shelter, nutrition, health care, and faith formation to desperate children who need to feel the love of our Lord and His Mercy. Your $20 today will give a toy truck to a little boy, or a doll to a little girl. More importantly, you will give a child the certain knowledge that God, and wonderful friends like you, are filled with love for them! 

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