Catholic Extension’s 2016 Christmas Wish List offers special ways to let Christ touch the lives of others through your generosity. These wishes come straight to Catholic Extension from the bishops of poor mission dioceses across the United States. They represent the urgent needs of Catholic communities that are rich in faith but lack the resources to support themselves. Please give a gift today that will make a difference long after the decorations have come down. Explore our Wish List and help us build faith, inspire hope, and ignite change in poor Catholic communities across America.
Wish #1 - $100 Covers A Seminarian's Educational Costs for One Day
Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Wish #2 - $20 Keeps A Faith Community Connected And Informed
Diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota
Wish #3 - $20 Helps Support A Diocesan Summer Camp for Middle and High School Students
Diocese of Santa Rosa, California
Wish #4 - $90 Supports the Construction of a New St. Francis Connection Center in Michigan
Diocese of Marquette, Michigan
Wish #5 - $100 Provides a Week of Training for Five Deacons to do God's Work
Diocese of Savannah, Georgia
Wish #6 - $50 Supports a Year of Marriage and Clergy Retreats in a Poor Area of Puerto Rico
Diocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Wish #7 - $120 Helps Maintain a Diocesan Home Providing Care for Elderly Residents
Diocese of Samoa-Pago Pago, American Samoa
Wish #8 - $10,000 Supports a Religious Sister for Six Months as She Does God's Work
Mission Dioceses Across America
Wish #9 - $150 Helps Bring the Sacraments to Over 5,000 Patients in the Hospital
Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico
Wish #10 - $15,000 Supports A Semester's Education For A Seminarian On His Journey To The Priesthood
Mission Dioceses Throughout America
Wish #11 - $50 Funds Much Needed Ministry to Native Americans
Diocese of Superior, Wisconsin
Wish #12 - $250 Helps Provide a Military Chaplain for Our Brave Soldiers
Archdiocese for Military Services (AMS)
Wish #13 - $50 Funds a Dedicated Sister's Ministry for One Day
Diocese of Knoxville, Tennessee
Wish #14- $25 Helps Produce Two Local Television Programs to Reach Catholics and Engage Non-Catholics
Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, Lousiana
Wish #15- $30 Supports Youth Ministry For High School Students in Kentucky
Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky
Wish #16- $300 Covers Monthly Utility Costs And Travel Expenses for A Franciscan Brother in Alaska
Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska
Wish #17- $45 Helps Fr. Andrew Duncan Minister to Catholics in Remote Regions of Wyoming
Diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming
Wish #18- $1,000 Helps Complete Construction of A New Church For St. Theresa Parish in Alabama
Diocese of Mobile, Alabama
Wish #19- $25 Supports a Student's Work in Service to the Church for One Week
Diocese of Helena, Montana
Wish #20- $50 Supports a Day of Chaplain Visits to Men Who Are in Prison and Seeking God's Word
Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas
Wish #21- $5,000 Allows Sister Josephine to Implement New Catechesis Programs in Rural New Mexico
Diocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico
Wish #22- $75 Supports A Vibrant Catholic Student Center Serving Two Louisiana Campuses
Diocese of Alexandria, Lousiana
Wish #23- $175 Helps Support a Deacon Administrator at a Parish with No Resident Priest
Diocese of El Paso, Texas
Wish #24- $75 Helps a Poor Community Build a New Parish Center to Replace an Existing Unsafe Building
Diocese of Grand Island, Nebraska
Wish #25- $40 Fills A Priest's Gas Tank as He Travels Hundreds of Miles to Visit Remote Missions Each Week
Diocese of Salt Lake City, Utah
Wish #26- Gives a Christmas Gift to an Abused and Neglected Child
Diocese of Arecibo, Puerto Rico