As Catholics throughout the United States struggle with the painful issues facing the Church today, Catholic Extension recognizes that it is a difficult time to be Catholic. We must face hard truths together in order to change and grow stronger in love. It will hurt. It will be hard. And we will endure as a family of faith.

It’s times like this we should join together as a faith family looking toward positive examples of hope and community. Let’s build a community of support.

There is a story of the Catholic Church that is lost in today’s headlines – one filled with hope, faith and community. We at Catholic Extension have been telling these stories for more than 110 years and we know that Catholics throughout America have their own stories to tell and we want to hear them. 


We invite you to share your stories, including short videos, photos or a written post on social media using the hashtag #WhyImCatholic. You can also share your story below and we will share them on Catholic Extension’s Facebook page, twitter and website to illustrate what makes people proud to be Catholic and gives them hope for the future. 

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