2020 Feasts and Saints

Catholic Extension’s 2020 Feasts & Saints calendar features works by master artists. Each image is paired with short excerpts of canonical verse or scripture and invokes an important faithful moment or person.   

(Available in English, Polish and English/Spanish)

Illustrations of Catholic Life in the Twentieth Century

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Catholic Extension’s calendars with a leap back to our original 20th- century magazine cover art. The 2020 ILLUSTRATIONS OF CATHOLIC LIFE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY calendar features iconic illustrations.   

(Available in English and English/Spanish)

2020 Rejoice O’ Earth 

Catholic Extension member dioceses are full of natural beauty and active communities. Hope is the theme for the 2020 Rejoice O’ Earth. Grow your faith with hopeful images, scriptures and prayers. 

(Available in English and English/Spanish)

2020 Nuestras Fiestas Católicas

How do you celebrate our Catholic faith? Catholic Extension’s 2020 Nuestras Fiestas Católicas calendar showcases the sacred gatherings and symbols that mean so much to our families. From street processions to thoughtful remembrances, we pray and feast as one Church.

(Available only in Spanish)

For more information, please contact Ray Totaro at 239-789-4778 or rtotaro@catholicextension.org.