Our donors talk about why they give to Catholic Extension and what our work means to them.

"I give to Catholic Extension because of the great amount of help that organization has given to so large a number of needy parishes in this country over the many years they have been in operation."

- Delpha, St. Ann's, Canyon, TX

"Catholic Extension is the foremost organization providing assistance to America's mission areas. Extension Magazine provides good feedback on stewardship of funds received, showing that contributions are carefully and efficiently utilized."

- George, St. Mary's, Georgetown, MA

"I believe you provide a very needed service for areas of this country that would falter in taking part in the prayers and rituals of the Catholic faith. It is difficult to practice your faith when you are a minority."

- Joan, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, Centerport

"I love my Catholic faith! Although there have been more than a few rough times over the years raising six children and helping with nine grandchildren. I consider myself blessed. When I see so many parishes struggling to help with the most basic spiritual and economic needs of many souls, I know I must help. I also know you are very effective. May God continue to Bless your efforts."

- Charles, St. Joseph

"I think Catholic Extension is a great way to remind us that missions are right here in our backyard, and that we need to support our Catholic brothers and sisters who may not otherwise be able to nuture their faith."

- Bob and Kelly, Saints Faith Hope and Charity

"I value the hard work and front line effort to promote Christ in word and deed in the parts of America that many forget. I am inspired by the courage of Catholic Extension's recipients and grateful for their endurance. "

- Steven, St. Richard

"It's comforting for me to know that throughout the U.S. where there is spiritual need, an organization such as Catholic Extension is effective in providing such spiritual services and places of worship in poor dioceses here in our own country."

- Marilyn, St. Anne Parish, Seattle

"It's good to share in the "extension" of the Catholic faith to people in need of help with facilities, and support of their priests."

- John, St Joseph, Ogden, Utah