Give for the Future

In 2011, Catholic Extension launched a series of Strategic Initiatives designed to proactively address a wide aray of challenges facing the Church, especially in poor mission dioceses. These Initiatives give dioceses access to valuable programs that would normally be beyond their financial reach.

Several of Catholic Extension’s new partnerships are aimed at developing dynamic young adult leaders for the future of the church.

By partnering with donors, with leading Catholic organizations and with the mission dioceses, we are creating a true collaboration between Catholics in our country that will advance the Church toward a vibrant and sustainable future.

Help Catholic Extension enhance the experience of Church life for Catholics and contribute to the successful long-term growth of diocesan institutions and parish communities by:

  • Advancing Church Leaders
  • Developing Young Leaders
  • Educating Clergy
  • Fostering Long-Term Growth

For more information on how to designate a gift toward one of Catholic Extension's Strategic Initiatives, please email