When you give a gift to Catholic Extension, you are investing in our mission to strengthen and support the Catholic Church in the United States. Through our Planned Giving programs, you can donate to a cause that helps secure the future of poor mission dioceses and at the same time secure your financial future and that of your loved ones. We offer a number of giving opportunities for people of all incomes and with varying objectives — make a gift that establishes a legacy of support, make a gift that pays you income, or make a gift that allows you a tax break. Whatever planned giving options you choose, know that your generosity will make a lasting impact for dedicated Catholics in faith communities across America.

Name Catholic Extension as a beneficiary of a planned gift, and become a member of our Legacy Club.

Planned Giving in partnership with Catholic Extension can take several forms:


Gifts that Establish a Legacy of Support

Get income for life.

Receive a tax break for your estate gift.