The purpose of this initiative is to serve as a reflection and conversation with key players in ministry, on how to develop an intentional approach to foster a culture of vocations among Hispanic youth and young adults, including second- and third-generation Hispanics. Catholic Extension has partnered with the Southeast Pastoral Institute in Miami to offer special training to pastors or vocation directors on how to be more intentional and effective in attracting Hispanic vocations in their dioceses, and more aware of the cultural, economic, or institutional dynamics that help nurture or deter vocations among young Hispanic men and women.

A group of approximately 15-30 leaders will be able to enter this 3 day Hispanic Vocations Conference which include topics such as:

  • The Hispanic reality and opportunities for the Church in the United States
  • Young Hispanics and the Catholic Church
  • Culture: Why it matters?
  • Developing a culture of vocations
  • Current best practices

Duration: April 3-5 in Miami, Florida



Applications for this initiative are now closed.



Contact Karla Ortiz, Manager of Mission Programs, at 312.795.5128 or