In addition to our six types of funding opportunities, Catholic Extension works with partner organizations to proactively support Catholic communities in mission dioceses. These Catholic organizations and Catholic universities offer mission dioceses programs and resources that would otherwise be unattainable due to cost and/or geographic location.

Catholic Extension's Strategic Initiatives allow us to multiply the impact of our donors' gifts while providing the opportunity for dioceses to access top-level programs that would otherwise be outside of their financial capacity.

Strategic Initiatives

Click on the links below for individual program and contact information.


Advancing Church Leaders

Funding positions or providing education to increase the skills and impact of church leadership in the United States.
  1. Graduate Ministry Scholarships
  2. Health Education for Pastoral Workers
  3. Hispanic Lay Formation Program
  4. Hispanic Lay Leadership Initiative
  5. Salary Subsidies for Health Ministers
  6. US-Latin American Sisters Exchange Program
  7. Pastoral Ministry Certificates
  8. Vocations Directors Training
  9. Biblical Studies Certification (inactive)
  10. Parish Faith Renewal (inactive)

Supporting Youth and Catholic Education

Providing resources to increase the skills and impact of Catholic young adult leaders in the United States.
  1. Catholic School Leadership Initiative
  2. Catholic School Sustainability Initiative
  3. Drug, Violence, and Gang Ministry
  4. Latino Enrollment Initiative
  5. Young Adult Leadership Initiative
  6. Science and Religion Initiative (inactive)
  7. Volunteer Service Initiative (inactive)
  8. Campus Ministry Leadership (inactive)

Fostering Long-Term Growth

Fostering sustainability for Catholic institutions in the United States.
  1. Catholic Gift Annuities
  2. Cemetery Management Initiative
  3. Facilities Management Training
  4. Mission Diocese Fund, LLC
  5. Prospect Research Training
  6. Seminarian Endowment Challenge
  7. Diocesan Appeals Enhancement (inactive)

Educating Clergy

Providing resources to increase the skills and impact of clergy in the United States.
  1. Financial Management Training
  2. Francis Cardinal George OMI STL Scholarship
  3. M.Div. Scholarships at Mundelein Seminary
  4. International Priest Workshop
  5. Priestly Spirituality Initiative (inactive)
  6. Professional Development for Pastors (inactive)
  7. Mission Immersion Program for Pastors