Catholic Extension is committed to supporting Catholic education. Over the last decade, we have supported 232 Catholic schools with about $2 million in funding. Through our various strategic initiatives, Catholic schools in mission dioceses receive the necessary tools to be successful, ensuring their presence in these communities to educate the next generation of Catholic students.

Catholic School Leadership Development Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to enable dioceses to develop and retain their Catholic school system’s most promising leaders. Catholic Extension has engaged in a partnership with Loyola Marymount University’s Catholic School Leadership Academy to offer a graduate level virtual online Certificate in Catholic School Administration program to novice and prospective leaders in Catholic schools in mission dioceses.

Although leadership development is often identified as a strategic concern for Catholic schools in mission dioceses, these schools often lack opportunities for professional development due to barriers of cost and distance. This agreement covers 80 percent of the cost of tuition, as well as funding for technology and resources. This unique and successful educational program is specific to the Catholic school administration context. The one-year program is designed to address three major themes in Catholic school administration: mission effectiveness, operational management, and instructional leadership.

Catholic Schools Sustainability Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to help struggling Catholic schools in mission dioceses to become viable, well-managed institutions.

Catholic Extension has partnered with Catholic School Management, Inc. (CSM) to offer its Strategic Management and Development Program to Catholic schools in mission dioceses. The Strategic Management and Development Program is a four-year, onsite consultation service that helps schools strengthen their Catholic identity, define goals, improve the effectiveness of school boards, enhance school image and communications, raise money, manage enrollment and market themselves more effectively. This program promises to make a significant difference for participating schools because of CSM’s track record:  Only 13 of the more than 3,000 schools it has worked with have closed after fully completing this consultation program.

Latino Enrollment Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to provide Catholic schools in mission dioceses with training and resources to attract and serve Latino students more effectively.

Catholic Extension has partnered with the University of Notre Dame Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) to offer the Latino Enrollment Initiative training to school administrators in mission dioceses. The Latino Enrollment Initiative is designed for schools that have identified their unmet capacity for enrolling new Latino students. The program consists of a summer workshop at Notre Dame for two school administrators: the Catholic School principal and one of their faculty members. Schools can also include the school pastor as a third participant. Participants will also benefit from coaching and support from ACE staff throughout the year.

Participants learn effective practices and strategies for recruitment and retention of Latino students, become aware of the cultural nuances of working with this community, and understand the common barriers that Latino students face with Catholic schools. After completing the program, participating schools will be in a position to enroll a markedly higher percentage of Latino students compared to the period before the program began.

Read about a school in Texas that increased Latino enrollment by 64 percent through this initiative.

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