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This evening we will celebrate Holy Thursday and begin our final three-day journey toward Easter Sunday. As we prepare for these holiest days of the year, we visit Antonio Trujillo in rural San Fidel, New Mexico. Antonio is the principal at St. Joseph Mission School, where he works tirelessly to ensure that his largely Native American school community receives a quality education and an understanding of God's love for them. 

Watch the video below to meet Antonio Trujillo and his students in New Mexico. 


A Reflection for Holy Thursday by Antonio Trujillo of the Diocese of Gallup 

As we come to remember the night Jesus called his disciples to eat with him at the Last Supper, we also remember his example of washing the feet of his beloved disciples. Since this moment, the Eucharist is intimately tied to our ability to be served and to serve in Jesus’ name. With the Eucharist we are called to physically touch the hearts of all people. This is the mission of the church.

The mission of the church flows from the relationship we have with Jesus. Ministry is not what we do, but what is done in relationship for whom we are serving. In our faith communities, we are reminded to be an example to wash each other’s feet. Washing someone’s feet can be in a simple smile, a kind word, or a helping hand. 

At St. Joseph Mission School and at other schools, children are being formed to become servant leaders. Servant leadership begins at home when children are able to clean their rooms, help with the dishes or do their homework without any prompting from their parents. They learn to help each other work out critical problems in their classrooms. When we grow in service, we also grow in maturity of faith to serve and love each other as Jesus commanded his disciples. 

Let us reflect on what it means to allow Jesus to wash our feet in the faces we encounter in our family, friends or coworkers. Then let us use this insight to wash the feet of others. Understanding this powerful reality leads us to the mission of the Church to go out to all nations and reveal the face of God through intimate and tender moments of service.          

Catholic Extension supports Antonio's work at St. Joseph Mission through our Catholic School Leadership Initiative, a partnership with Loyola Marymount University that seeks to develop promising Catholic school leaders in struggling dioceses. Funded by Catholic Extension, Trujillo and his classmates completed courses online and at LMU to receive a graduate-level certificate in Catholic School Administration. Please consider a donation to help us support other inspiring leaders in our Catholic Schools. 

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