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Father Peter 1943 Catholic Extension Cutouts BookletDid you ever wonder what faithful Catholic children did for fun back in the 1940s? This throwback cutouts booklet produced by Catholic Extension in 1943 might give you a clue.

Meet Father Peter and Altar Boy Paul. Using the provided paper dolls and cutout vestments, children could help Father Peter dress properly for the celebration of Mass or the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament in all its pre-Vatican II splendor. The instructions encouraged children to color the vestments appropriately for whichever liturgical season they would like to celebrate or to use the color for their patron saint's day.

The article also includes descriptions of all the priestly paraphernalia that Fr. Peter and Altar Boy Paul would employ for Mass and the Benediction. From candlesticks, a missal and a monstrance to a host, a chalice and a paten, the cutouts are quite exhaustive and the accompanying information is quite educational. There's even a pop-up altar to assemble!

Special thanks to Gerald Johnson, who sent this feature to us after locating it in the archives at the University of Dayton.

Click here to read the current issue of Extension magazine and learn more about how Catholic Extension has supported the Catholic Church in the poorest areas of the country for more than 100 years.

Click the links below to see the full size versions of the dolls, accessories and instructions.

Father Peter Cutouts Pop-Up Altar

Father Peter Cutouts Page 1

Father Peter Cutouts Page 2

Father Peter Cutouts Page 3

Father Peter Cutouts Page 4

Father Peter Cutouts Page 5

Father Peter Cutouts Page 6

Father Peter Cutouts Page 7

Father Peter Cutouts Page 8

Looks like some people are having fun using Father Peter to play with paper dolls again and learn about the Mass! Send a photo of your Father Peter cutout at If you color his vestments, be sure to tell us why you chose the color you did! [photos submitted by Twitter follower @jfount]

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