Socius Circle members share an abiding commitment to the work of Catholic Extension and have taken an additional step by contributing $1,000 or more annually in support of Catholic Extension.

The Opportunity

We see Catholic Extension as a movement within the US Church that is building and strengthening the Catholic faith in the poorest and most remote areas of our country. The Socius Circle stands at the forefront of that movement – answering God’s call to live out the meaning of Socius by being a companion to Catholics in need.

Catholic  Extension funded over $20 million in grants last year – but had over $33 million in requests from Catholic churches in need.

The Partnership

Joining the Socius Circle is an opportunity to lead and partner with Catholic Extension to serve poor Catholic communities. To assist them in this mission, we provide all our members with several modest benefits.

The Legacy

Catholic Extension, a papal society, was founded more than 100 years ago, based on the belief that everyone in America deserves a rich and rewarding experience of faith that brings them into communion with God and one another.

Today, more than ever, mission dioceses continue to seek the compassion of those who believe that faith has the power to change lives.

The Call

Jesus sent His disciples out two by two – companions on a journey that would transform the world. Today, Catholic missioners are on a journey to transform the future of the Church in our country.

We invite you to prayerfully consider walking with them as their companion…

and unleash a vibrant faith that will shape hearts, lives, and society!