Campus Ministry Outreach Opportunity

An Evangelization Tool to Support the Transition from Youth Ministry to Campus Ministry.

The college years are a crucial time in a young adult’s faith development. Studies have shown that those students who are engaged in their Catholic faith while in college are more likely to remain connected to a parish as young adults.

To address this challenge, the Newman Connection has approached Catholic Extension with a generous offer, which Catholic Extension has agreed to communicate to all of the mission dioceses. The Newman Connection provides a service to dioceses, free of charge, that involves no upfront costs and no future costs to the diocese. This service, which entails data collection and dissemination, makes it easier for youth ministries to ensure that their high school seniors stay connected to their Catholic faith when they go to college


Value to Participating Diocese: $5,000



 Newman Connection Offering Memorandum


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Contact Terry Witherell, Senior Director of Mission, at 508.668.1786 or