Enliven your parish’s charitable outreach by giving to poor Catholics right here in our own country—places where faith is strong but resources are scarce.

We will work with you to engage your parishioners in a successful fundraising appeal benefiting Catholic communities that are poor in resources but rich in faith.

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Read more about some previous successful projects below:

Frances Xavier Warde Students

Since 2008, the first grade class at Frances Xavier Warde in Chicago has been using creative ideas to raise money for Lenten projects supported by Catholic Extension. Building on the Parable of the Ten Coins — in which the king’s servants were rewarded for making their treasure grow — the first graders are each given $1.00 and asked to return 40 days later with stories about how they made that dollar grow. The school has raised nearly $39,000 over the past nine years.



Saint Teresa of Avila Parish

Father Frank Latzko of Saint Teresa of Avila parish in Chicago walked the 500-mile trail of El Camino de Santiago in Spain to raise money for impoverished Oaxacan migrant workers in California. 




Holy Family Catholic Community

Parishioners at Holy Family Catholic Community in Inverness, Illinois fundraised to support St. Mary Mission Church and School after visiting the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.



Holy Family Catholic Community

Holy Family Catholic Community parishioners were also inspired by the tight-knit community of worshipers at St. Paul’s Church in Appalachia. They raised funds to support their small Catholic parish. 

Young Catholics in Youngstown 

With support from Catholic Extension donors, more than 120 young Catholics hit the streets of Youngstown to plant hope in a struggling neighborhood. 


West Catholic High School in Michigan 

Since 2009, students in Patrick Nugent’s religion classes at West Catholic High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, have raised more than $3,600 for Catholic Extension’s Christmas Wish List.