Catholic Extension's Joe Boland, vice president for mission, was recently featured on EWTN's News Nightly program to discuss the Pew Research Center report indicating that Americans are decreasingly identifying themselves as Christian or Catholic and tend to be more religiously unaffiliated.

While the results of this study seem troubling, they differ dramatically from what we have witnessed in Catholic communities across the country. Where the missionary spirit of the Church is alive, Catholic communities are actually growing rapidly.

Click here to read Joe's full response to the report and follow the links below to see more examples of how the Catholic Church continues to grow in many areas of the United States.

Case Studies in Hope
Here are four examples of areas in the United States where the Catholic Church is growing at an unprecedented rate

The Catholic Church in Texas: Vibrant and Growing
Commentary by Bishop Joe Vasquez, Diocese of Austin, Texas on the explosive growth of Catholicism in his diocese

Everything's Bigger In Texas
Article from Winter 2014 Extension magazine about Catholic Extension's support of burgeoning Catholic communities in Texas

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Catholic Extension was recently featured in two episodes of EWTN's new series "The Church Universal." The premiere episode featured an introduction to the work of Catholic Extension. Watch:

The second episode, ‘Vocations in the Church’, focuses on how, despite common perceptions that the number of candidates entering the priesthood is diminishing, that couldn’t be further from the truth in isolated and poor areas of the country, where seminarians are on fire about their faith as they answer the call of ministry. Father Jack Wall talks about what’s working in these areas as an example to those in other parts of the country as we continue to grow and strengthen the Catholic Church into the future. Watch:

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