Building on the past success of partnering with Mundelein Seminary, Catholic Extension is offering a second partnership opportunity that will subsidize the education of men coming to Mundelein from mission dioceses

Catholic Extension is offering a matching discount, whereby each scholarship recipient will receive a $5,000 tuition contribution from Extension, and a $5,000 tuition discount from Mundelein, for a total of $10,000 per student, per year. Eligible seminarians will come from a mission diocese currently served by Catholic Extension. This $40,000 scholarship would cover almost 30% of the current tuition, room and board, and fees of the student’s seminary education. Candidates for this program are men entering first year theology in 2019. All candidates must be accepted by Mundelein Seminary.

This partnership will have various benefits to mission dioceses, including:

  • Providing budget relief to cash-strapped dioceses, for whom seminarian education represents a significant portion of their annual expenses.
  • Giving dioceses sending a single seminarian to the STL program at Mundelein the option of sending a “diocesan brother” seminarian to Mundelein at a reduced cost.


Duration: 4 years
Value to Participating Dioceses: $40,000 per seminarian




For More Information


Contact Grace Leon, Mission Coordinator, at 312.795.5127 or