For grade school students in Richmond, the gift of a school bus is heaven sent

In many ways, All Saints Catholic School is no different from any other Catholic school across the country—children learn about their faith along with lessons in math and reading. But unlike many Catholic schools, All Saints is at the cutting edge of an initiative to welcome the Hispanic community of Richmond, Virginia.

The program, considered a win-win for the diocese and Hispanic Catholics alike, goes beyond enrolling students in the school. Thanks to Catholic Extension donors, it provides the essential transportation to get them there.


In 2010 Bishop Francis DiLorenzo, created the “Segura Initiative,” which offers scholarships to Hispanic children so they can benefit from a strong Catholic education. Even with these scholarships, however, many Hispanic families simply could not send their children to All Saints because they didn’t have a way to get them there.


Nitzia Flores, a mother of two young girls, explained, “Even with the Segura Initiative, we would not have been able to send our daughters to school without the gift of the bus. Gas is hard to come by, and my husband and I share a car.  The diocese worked hard to solve the transportation problem, and my kids love the school.”

With funding from both the Segura Initiative and generous gifts from Catholic Extension donors, a Catholic school education—and necessary transportation—is now available to families who otherwise could not get their children there. With better catechesis and a safer learning environment, the Hispanic children of the Diocese of Richmond now have an opportunity to become the next generation of leaders in both church and society.

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