Sister Nancy Crafton hears and meets the needs of Colorado’s migrant workers

Recently, the Catholic Extension team visited El Centro de Los Pobres (meaning, “The Center for the Poor”), in the small town of Avondale, Colorado. For 29 years, Los Pobres has been the only charitable facility serving the Catholic farm worker population in southern Colorado, many of whom don’t even have an address to put on their registration form.

The small, inconspicuous warehouse space is a haven for these workers, who bring their families on a regular basis for food, clothing, health services, help with bills and a safe floor to sleep on when times are at their worst. The center also provides social outreach for these visitors, acting as their voice in society when they have no where else to turn. Whatever the reason for their visit, the 5,000 families served by Los Pobres leave with a sense of hope.

Sister Nancy Crafton, of the Sisters of Charity, is in charge of Los Pobres. She welcomed us upon our arrival and we were immediately struck by her incredible energy and huge smile. During our tour of the facility, several people came up to Sister Nancy with bills in their hands. Sister Nancy graciously took each one and reassured them that she would help the best she could. We noticed that many of the mothers and children visiting Los Pobres were happy to see each other—it was clear that this was a community of support for them. These women credited Sister Nancy and the center for changing their lives.

The back of the Los Pobres brochure includes a passage from Proverbs: “He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.” At Catholic Extension, we’re grateful for the chance to be inspired by the faith, hope and love that exudes from the ministries we support.

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